I frequently seek outlets for creativity (outside of research), a constant of which has been photography – both standalone and narrative. Below is a small selection of my work in a mix of black/white and color. If you are interested in obtaining any of my photographs or engaging in a potential collaboration, please feel free to email me.

For more, please visit my instagram page @rox.andhercamera.

Barbari bread shop or ‘Noonvayi’ in Tehran, Iran [2016]. As U.S. sanctions on Iran enter their second year, inflation is rampant and the government is struggling to mitigate skyrocketing food prices. Even with subsidies for basic staples like wheat, bread like the kind sold here continues to become increasingly unaffordable for the poorest households.
Boy and birds on the beach. Mumbai, Maharashtra, India [2017].
Somewhere en route to Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh [2018] to conduct research interviews in microgrid-electrified villages. This tree, which local residents roped to fall over for wood, knocked over grid-power lines in the process of crashing down on the road.
Twelve apostles, with their heads in the clouds. Cape Town, South Africa [2015].
Two friends, one archway. New Delhi, India [2016].
Face to face, on a train. Bergen to Oslo, Norway [2015].

Goat overlooks his palace, while a citizen wanders the kingdom grounds. Jaipur, Rajasthan [2018].

Colorful streets, colorful souls. Cartagena, Colombia [2017].

Walking, across continents. Magdalena, Colombia | Uttar Pradesh, India [2017].

Image, versus reality. L | Santorini, Greece [2019], where Instagram and influencer culture has saturated the island, paving the way for environmental damage and rampant corruption and bribery between building owners and government planning agencies. R | Rajasthan, India [2018], the country with the highest occurrences of selfie-caused deaths globally.

Children playing in a tuk tuk. Fort Dauphin, Madagascar [2014].